Aasa IT Solutions was founded in January, 2013 with the objective to cater the less technical or zero technical local market with the solution they need at an affordable rate.

The objective was to design the solution in such a way, they can manage them on their own and can be supported by low end technical staff, so that solutions deployed will run for a longer time with proper support.

With above objective, the organization formed with one trainee software developer and one solution architect (the founder of the organization). With this setup one medical channeling system and few NGO and other private websites were developed and hosted. And started to develop extremely happy customer tail.

By May, 2013; Aasa IT entered on a different market, of software solution. In this market, it was high end technologies were involved. Complex mathematical modeling was required. Knowledge of 3D technologies were needed. International project management was needed, specially with Japan. Since the initial objective of Aasa IT was different Aasa IT was looking for possible local organizations to move ahead with. But, by that time there were not any local organization, which was ready to take the opportunity up. Therefore Aasa IT decided to enter the 3D Technology market start catering the Japanese clients.

With successful completion 1st out sourcing project, Main client from Japan shown the interest of recruiting employees from Sri Lanka. To start with in Nov, 2013 three students from one of the local universities were employed as trainees. One out of them were send to Japan for onsite training. Other two remote trainees worked for Japan from Sri Lanka. This was giving a very good opportunity for these students to work their interesting technical area.